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Our lanes

Come enjoy an eight-lane bowling area at the Brussels Indoor Games Center.
You will be able to play classic Bowling, or even HyperBowling, since each lane is equipped with next-generation Hyperbowling!

Hyperbowling is a game that involves hitting bumpers that emit lights in order to multiply your points. This means that scores shift more often and makes the game extra exciting. An ideal way to spend an evening with colleagues, friends or your family!

The bar at the Brussels Indoor Games Center serves soft drinks, warm beverages and cocktails.

Would you like to organise your event at the Brussels Indoor Games Center? Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a school trip, a team-building event or just an evening with your friends, trust our team to make your event a hit!

Bowling prices

Prices per HyperBowling lane

HyperBowling Picto age
All ages
Laser Game Picto Group
1–8 people
HyperBowling Picto Area
450 m²
HyperBowling Picto Lanes
8 lanes
HyperBowling Picto Duration
Per hour
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VR Battle Arena
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Laser Game
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VR Zombie
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Karting VR
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Prison Island
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Kids Playground
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