Play individually or as a team

More than 400 m² across two floors with manga decor


Who will be the best?

The Laser Game at the Brussels Indoor Games Center is the ideal way to have a blast with your friends. A labyrinth spanning two floors and more than 400 m² will test your mettle. You can play in teams against each other, or as individuals.

Keep your eyes peeled in every direction to avoid getting hit.

The Brussels Indoor Games Center is equipped with laser guns with integrated sensors, a perfect replica of the FN P90. All you need for the game is your weapon – no bulky vest or cumbersome equipment. You will be able to move more freely and act faster.

The decor
Laser Game prices

Price per person

Laser Game Picto age
Laser Game Picto groupe
2–30 people
Laser Game Picto team
5 teams max (1–4 people/team)
Laser Game Picto height
1.3 m+
Laser Game Picto area
400 m²
Laser Game Picto duration
20 minutes
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