Tackle as many challenges as possible

Score maximum points


What is it?

Enjoy a fully immersive experience with realistic settings alongside your friends or family. The challenges are suitable for any experience level, whether you’re aged 8 or 77. Get your friends together and prepare yourselves for a thrilling adventure. Each cell serves up a challenge that tests all five senses, logic, skill and strength. Try to beat the challenges in each cell and emerge as the winner! Your goal: to work together and score as many points as possible by beating all the challenges before time runs out.

Prison Island Picto pirate

Do you like Fort Boyard?

Forget spiders and scorpions – you’ll have to take on the challenges of Prison Island to emerge victorious!

Prison Island Picto handshake

All for one and one for all

Get ready to work together, keep the lines of communication open and have an incredible, fun and exciting time together!

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One cell = one challenge

The 32 cells on Prison Island are designed to put you to the test. Sometimes they’re tactical, sometimes they’re technical and sometimes they’re physical. Will you be up to the task?

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For ages 8 to 77

Regardless of your age or your skill set, you’ll need all hands on deck working together to beat Prison Island.


Form a team

This small pass allows you to access all the cells and us to follow your score. It will also allow you to view your score in detail and see how much time is remaining.


Get your pass

Forget spiders and scorpions – you’ll have to take on the challenges of Prison Island to emerge victorious!


Explore the cells

You are free to tackle the cells in any order. You can also retry the same cell as many times as you want.


Choose a challenge

The skills you need to pass each challenge are listed in front of each cell. You will also find the name of each cell and the maximum number of points.


Enter the cell

Available cells are indicated with green lights, while red cells are occupied. Free cells are always available. Hold your pass in front of the sensor to enter.


Game on

The countdown begins! The time you need to pass the challenge varies between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on the cell. Can you beat Prison Island?

Take on the challenges

The goal of Prison Island is to work together as a team to succeed in as many challenges as possible. The challenges can be physical or intellectual.

Play as a team

Prison Island is a co-op game and you all enter the cells together to beat the challenge. Teams are made up of between 2 and 5 participants.

Maximum points

You earn points in each challenge, depending on how well you perform. A live leaderboard allows you to compare your results to those of other teams. Will you be the best?

Not an escape game

Our concept is unique. You are never locked in and you can always abandon a challenge. You can also choose how long you play for.

The cells
Prison Island prices

Price per person

Price per person


60 minutes

Per person

Price per person


90 minutes

Per person

Price per person


120 minutes

Per person

Prison Island Picto age
Prison Island Picto Team
2–5 people
Prison Island Picto Area
500 m²
Prison Island Picto Duration
1/1.5/2 hours
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